Belly Dance With Snakes

Belly Dancing With Snakes

Perhaps you have already seen several wonderful belly dance performances, but have you ever seen a belly dance with snakes

Belly Dance With Snakes

This could probably make your jaw dropped since belly dancing with snakes is somewhat rare. However, do not fear them. Snakes might just be your very best partners when belly dancing.

> The Origin of Snake Belly Dancing

Snakes have been feared all the time because they are said to be demons of temptation. However, during the ancient times, several tribal religions deemed snakes as a symbol of enormous power, inspiration and regeneration. Some of the ancient tribes pay their tribute to the mother of creation through a serpent form; hence, showing their spirituality. This action has greatly influenced the beginning of belly dance.

In Egypt, there are also some evidences that snakes are part of the people’s worshiping acts. Perhaps, you have already heard the famous and beautiful Hathor – you could find in her temple the carved black serpents signifying honor and power.

Dancing with snakes is like a form of spirituality. Though some believed that snake dancing is a part of the Middle Eastern culture, most people believed that snake dancing began in India wherein the temple dancers show their faith and worship through dancing with snakes. Now, there are some modern American belly dancers who dance with snakes in delightful acts.

> Tips. Right Snake. Dance!

Depending on how extreme your belly dance performance would be, you just need to take your sweet time of determining your best snake dance partner. If you lack hair ornaments, you could make a crown out of your snake partner. The best for this performance would be a ball python since it could gorgeously curl up on your head.

If you want to belly dance with a snake that clings well on your upper limbs, you could opt for a python or a boa constrictor. These snakes are very flexible, and they could give you freedom of movement. Larger snakes would only cause to restrict your movements.

You should take it nice and slow when belly dancing with snakes. You do not want your clingy partner to be dizzy with your very fast shaking and spinning. Snakes could be great props for your belly dance performance. You should also bear in mind that they are living creatures.

So as to be a better belly dancer with snakes, you could learn more if you would study the snake’s nature first. It is not that bad if you would spend some time getting to know more about your dance partner – that is, the snake.

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