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Get a flat stomach at home, with simple belly dance routine

Having problems with the extra bulges around your waist? Do you want to wear those sexy outfits you haven’t worn for centuries because of weight gain? Do you want to trim those bulges down without having those muscle pains after? Well here is a fun, exciting and a more comfortable way to do that! This […]

Beginners step by step belly dance study guidelines

Learning How to Belly Dance Belly dancing has gained quite the fame these days. Not just as a social dance, belly dancing is oftentimes an enjoyable form of exercise. Just like other famous forms of dancing, the belly dance has become a staple in dance schools and even in gym classes. I have been belly […]


Learn to belly dance at home from videos and online courses

Dancing is said to be a form of expression and for some, a strong passion. Since the beginning of time, dancing has been part of society. Together with the evolution and change of times, dancing also evolved. Today, there are more forms of dances compared to a hundred years ago. However, some dance forms practiced […]


Easy step by step belly dancing for beginners

A belly dance is an ancient Middle Eastern dancing style that is versatile and unique. Belly dancing tones and exercises the whole body. In addition, it can be a great way to arouse your partner or an enjoyable way to bond with your girlfriends. Belly dancing includes different blends of folkloric steps from North African and Middle East […]

Belly Dance for a Painless Childbirth

Are you going to be a mom soon? :) Having your baby for the first time is undoubtedly thrilling, yet it also makes you worry because of the process of childbirth. You have heard a lot of stories that being pregnant is not that easy, and that giving birth to a child is very painful. […]

7 Simple Tips To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Let’s face it, many people want to be fit, but they don’t actually know how to do it. There are a lot of people out there who search for the best tips, the most effective strategies, fast techniques, or the most efficient ways to lose weight or just get rid of belly fat. However, what they don’t know is […]

What to Wear Underneath Your Belly Dancing Costume

Are you up for another belly dancing gig? You are excited to make another groundbreaking belly dance and show off your skills.  Wait! Do not get too excited! First, think of what you are going to wear, including your undergarments. Your belly dancing costume is not all about the fancy and grand outerwear – what lies underneath also counts.   > […]

Belly Dancing With Snakes

Perhaps you have already seen several wonderful belly dance performances, but have you ever seen a belly dance with snakes?  This could probably make your jaw dropped since belly dancing with snakes is somewhat rare. However, do not fear them. Snakes might just be your very best partners when belly dancing. > The Origin of Snake […]

The Art of Sword Belly Dancing

Do you love to dance? It doesn’t matter if a person is a talented dancer or not, each one of us has a natural inclination to express ourselves through dancing.  Each one of us also has a child within us, that child who used to dream about castles, knights, princesses and swords. Imagine dancing and […]

Benefits of belly dancing during pregnancy

Do you ever want to feel sexy while having a big bulging stomach? I know all women would love to, but this is hard to attain during pregnancy. In a woman’s lifetime, she will experience the worst kind of pain than she could ever imagine during labor. But then, it’s so rewarding once she gets […]